Elections for Morocco’s 395-seat lower chamber of parliament are scheduled for 7 October.

Turnout is expected to be low, reflecting disillusionment with political parties, according to local and international press.

About half of the Moroccan population is registered to vote, and turnout has usually been below 50 per cent in the past.

The moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party (PJD) currently leads a coalition government. With 30 political parties, absolute majorities are rare.

Other large political parties include:

  • Istiqlal Party
  • National Rally of Independents
  • Authenticity and Modernity Party
  • Socialist Union of Popular Forces
  • Popular Movement

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI is head of Supreme Council of the Judiciary, the National Security Council and the Council of Ministers, giving him power to approve or reject legislation.

The existing cabinet has already begun preparing the 2017 budget, and is expected to continue structural reforms and austerity measures.