Morocco’s Office National de l’Electricite (ONE) has invited bids to build a 350MW coal-fired thermal power plant at Jerada in the north-east of the country.

Contractors have until 1 February 2012 to submit bids for the turnkey contract – an extension from the initial deadline of 31 January.

Morocco power generation
Installed generation capacity (MW)
Hydropower 1,284
Coal-fired 1,785
Oil-fired 600
Simple-cycle gas  915
Combined-cycle gas 680
Diesel 179
Wind 282
Source: ONE

Bids will be opened in two phases. Those bidders deemed technically compliant at technical evaluation will have their financial bids opened. The bids will be assessed based on the levelised cost per kWh.

The winning bidder will design, supply equipment, construct, test and commission the new power station next to an ageing power plant at the same site.

The original Jerada power plant was commissioned in 1971. It is located at Hassi Blal 60 kilometres south of the city of Oujda, near the former Colliery of Morocco (CDM).

The original plant comprises three 55MW coal-fired power generating units. The coal feed was provided by CDM until the local colliery closed. Since the closure, the power plant is fuelled by international steam coal and pet coke, transported from the port of Nador in trains and trucks.

Power from the plant supplies the city of Oujda via two 225kV lines from the plant. Power from the expansion project will use the same lines.

Most of Morocco’s power is generated from coal-fired power stations. The country has around 1,785MW of installed coal-fired generating capacity, 1,284MW of hydropower capacity, 600MW of oil-fired, 915MW of simple-cycle gas-fired capacity and 680MW in combined cycle power capacity. Diesel-fired generation accounts for 179MW capacity and Morocco has 282MW of installed wind power.

The country’s two largest electricity power stations, which are at Mohammedia and Jorf Lasfar, are both coal-fired. A 700MW extension of the Jorf Lasfar plant is currently under construction. A further coal-fired power plant is planned for Safi.