The local Mohamed Abdulmohsin Kharafi & Sonshas been awarded the contract, worth KD 28.8 million ($99.3 million), to build a sewage treatment plant and related facilities at Agaila, near the sixth ring-road.

The 22-26-month contract calls for the construction of a pumping station, a solid waste treatment plant, a sanitary drainage network and related works, including the installation of gravity lines and pressure mains, which will be connected to the Riqqa area by three 20-kilometre ductile iron pipelines with diameters of 1,400 millimetres. Kharafi was the third lowest bidder when seven local companies priced the contract last September.

The local Burhan International Contracting Companywas the original low bidder with a price of KD 28.4 million ($94 million), followed by Copri Construction Enterprises, also local, which submitted an offer of KD 28.6 million ($95 million). However, the bid bonds for both companies lapsed earlier this year and the contract subsequently went to Kharafi. The consultant is a team of the US’ Parsons Engineering Corporationwith the local Gulf Consult.

The client is the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), which is expected to formally sign the contract by mid-October (MEED 26:9:03).