The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) has more than KD 3,200 million ($11,365 million) worth of projects under planning and development, according to MPW under-secretary Abdulaziz al-Khulaib.

‘Of these schemes, 214 projects, totalling KD 664 million [$2,293 million], are under construction,’ he said on 16 May at the third MEED Major Project Opportunities in Kuwait conference. ‘Seventy projects with a value of KD 396 million [$1,365 million] are in tendering, while we have 142 projects, worth KD 2,236 million [$7,710 million], in the design stages. We are the biggest spender of state money after the Energy Ministry.’

Major projects under construction include the first phase of the first ring-road upgrade, the fifth ring-road upgrade and the Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmed International Stadium.

Awards are pending for schemes such as the Special Forces Camp, the Jahra-Subiya expressway and the first phase of the Bubiyan seaport project. Projects under design include the Subiya causeway, the Failaka island development and the redevelopment of the Sulaibikhat bay area. Despite the large amount of projects on its books, Al-Khulaib stated that there were no plans to engage international project management consultants to assist the MPW with the roll-out of its schemes. ‘There are no plans in this regard,’ he said. The under-secretary also ruled out any changes to the current contracting strategy. ‘Generally, we award work to the lowest bidder,’ he said.