• Former president Mohamed Mursi faces final trial
  • Other activists face charges of insulting the judiciary

An Egyptian court has postponed the final trial of former president Mohamed Mursi until October.

Mursi, along with other members of the Muslim Brotherhood and liberal activists, will face charges of insulting the judiciary in a Cairo court. This will mean the death sentence that was handed to the former president in May will be delayed.

Along with other members of the Brotherhood, Mursi was sentenced to death by hanging. Five other members of the group, including the group’s leader Mohammed Badie, have had their sentences upheld by an Egyptian court.

The decision came at the same time that Mursi was sentenced to life in prison for espionage after being accused of spying for Palestinian militant group Hamas, Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah and Iran.

Local reports have suggested that Mursi’s execution is imminent despite the court’s willingness to carry on with pending trials.

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