Packages 6 and 7, which are the largest on the scheme, worth an estimated AED 450 million ($122.6 million) in total, will be tendered by mid-December. Works will cover the superstructure for the palace and the proposed east and west hotels.

Packages 9 and 10, estimated to be worth AED 200 million-250 million ($54.5 million-68 million) in total, will cover the general construction works for the palace, the conference centre and the hotels, and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing works. Tendering will take place in early January.

Prequalification for package 8, covering the construction of a central cooling plant, will begin in late January.

The local Arab Technical Construction Company (Arabtec) is carrying out the first package on the project. The estimated AED 43 million ($11.7 million) contract involves the construction of temporary accommodation for workers, temporary offices for the architect and project manager and a laydown area (MEED 2:11:01).

The UK’s WAT&Gis the project architect and the US’ Turner Internationalthe project manager. The client is the Abu Dhabi government (MEED 3:8:01).