Packages 7 and 8, estimated to be worth KD 6 million ($19.3 million), cover external works and the construction of associated buildings. The scope of works includes: external cladding and glazing works; the construction of a four-level car park, with a capacity for 700 vehicles; and the construction of a 3,500-square-metre pump room and guard rooms. The total built-up area of the car park will be about 3,500 square metres. Both packages have a construction period of about 15 months.

The first two contracts on the estimated KD 34 million ($110 million) KPC building project were awarded in 1999. In mid-2001, the local Alghanim International General Trading & Contracting Companysigned a KD 7 million ($22.5 million) contract for the third phase of works. The scope of work covers the construction of the superstructure and foundations for the 54,000-square-metre complex (MEED 10:8:01; 30:4:99).

There are 11 packages in total, which include the installation of elevators, landscaping and interior works and architectural finish, and the construction of warehouses and supply of furniture.

The building has been designed by the local Salem al-Marzouk & Sabah Abi-Hanna and the US’ Arthur Erickson Architects. The project managers are the local Project Analysis & Control Systems (Projacs) and the UK’s Bovis International (27:10:00).