The airport is a key infrastructure project for the country and it must be completed in time for the Asian Games to be held in December 2006. At lest 10,000 athletes, officials and guests are expected at the event.

The new committee will have its own budget attached to the general state budget. The committee will be chaired by Abdulaziz Mohammed al-Nuaimi, chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority, and have the following members:

Ibrahim Rashid al-Misnad

The assistant under-secretary of planning at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture

Khalifa Saqr al-Hitmi, chairman of the Central Tenders Committee, the Finance Ministry

Akbar al-Baker, chief executive, Qatar Airways

A secretary-general will be appointed by the chairman defining his functions and authorities. The decree will be implemented as from the day it was published.

The committee will supervise the construction of the New Doha International Airport through co-ordination with other concerned authorities. It will have the authority to undertake all necessary works in this field and in particular, the following:

Follow up tenders for Doha International Airport. Make available all necessary apparatus and equipment

Sign all contracts relating to the construction of the airport and subsequently follow up its execution

Monitor progress on the project and make every possible effort to overcome all problems and delaying factors which stand in the way

Undertake all works assigned to it that are necessary for the implementation of the project

The committee will meet at least once a month by invitation of its chairman. The committee may seek staff from other ministries and governments or others with experience and efficiency to offer the necessary consultation, statements or clarifications. The committee will submit a report to Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, quarterly, giving its suggestions and recommendations.