For the purpose of tendering, the 88-kilometre highway has been split into two sections. These are

Section 1:a 62-kilometre highway from Daghmar roundabout in Quriyat to Wadi as Shab, including two bridges, one at Wadi Dayqah and the other at Wadi Arabyeen;

Section 2:26 kilometres of highway from Wadi As Shab to Oman LNG in Sur, including three bridges at Wadi As Shab, Wadi Riwi and Wadi Hilm near Qalhat.

On each section, contractors were requested to quote for three alternative solutions: a single-lane carriageway; a four-lane dual-carriageway, with a 4.5-metre central reservation; and a six-lane dual-carriageway. In addition, for each alternative, contractors were asked to submit two price options.

A detailed technical evaluation is under way on the project, which is intended to reduce the travel time from Muscat to Sur to just over one hour from up to four hours at present. The proposed road will terminate near the site of the Oman LNG facilities in Sur. Total project costs range up to $150 million.

The Transport & Communications Ministry is the client; Belgium’s Renardetis the consultant.