Germany’s Nivus is the low bidder for a contract to install a flow measurement system at Bahrain’s Tubli water pollution control centre, the country’s largest wastewater treatment plant.

The company submitted two prices for the contract: BD238,245 ($630,000) and BD279,195.

A second German company, Wasser und Abwasser System, also priced the contract at two levels, with bids of BD320,100 and BD403,850.

The companies submitted prices on 7 January.

The contract is the first package of the Public Works Ministry’s short-term emergency programme to upgrade the Tubli wastewater plant.

The plant currently treats effluent from about 600,000 people and is far exceeding its 200,000-cm/d design capacity, with flows peaking at 322,000 cm/d.

The ministry is planning to expand the plant’s treatment capacity to 350,000 cm/d.