Noureddine Cherouati

Company: Agence Nationale de Controle & de Regulation des Activites dans le domaine des Hydrocarbures (ARH)
Position: Head

Biography: Noureddine Cherouati became the first head of ARH in November 2005 following the agency’s creation in July that year. As head of ARH, Cherouati is responsible for overseeing compliance with the law and evaluating applications from international companies for pipeline transportation and storage contracts.

Cherouati has a strong background in oil and gas distribution, having been head of Naftal, Sonatrach’s transportation arm, and the Transmediterranean Pipeline Company, which pipes Algerian gas to Italy via Tunisia. ARH has been beset by many of the same problems as Alnaft, most notably that of human resources.

Both agencies are still unproven, and although they are legally constituted as independent bodies, the Energy Ministry controls their budgets.

Contact: (+213) 2148 8167/2148 8183