NTC says the idea is to use the in-sewer cables to connect the 109 frame relay and ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) switches used by the high-speed data network of its affiliate EgyNet. The switches are at present connected through the Telecom Egyptinfrastructure. However, NTC says there is scope under EgyNet’s licence for it to build its own connections.

CableRunner says that if the two-year term for its co-operation with NTC proves to be successful, it will consider negotiating exclusive rights for other Arab countries.

NTC is also seeking to acquire rights to run cables along the railway and metro systems.

Another group of local investors has secured a licence from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to deliver voice and data telecoms services via the electricity grid. The partners in this venture are the IT Group, Alkan Investmentsand the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company(MEED 26:4:02).