The client is the West Delta Electricity Production Company. It has decided to adopt a two-envelope procedure for the tender. This means that the commercial bids will not be opened until the technical evaluation is complete. Industry sources say the approach has been favoured so as to close off the possibility of disputes about the consistency of the technical proposals. On the similarly scoped Cairo North project, which is now under construction, a single-envelope procedure was used for most of the packages, including that for gas turbines.

Industry sources say that the bidders for the Nuberiya gas turbines are expected to include the Japanese team of Mitsubishi Heavy Industriesand Tomen Corporationthat won the Cairo North contract, for $102 million, and GE Power Systemsof the US, which submitted the only other bid. France’s Alstom and Germany’s Siemensare also understood to be considering bidding for Nuberiya.

The consultant on the scheme is the local/US Power Generation Engineering & Services Company (PGESCo).