The Oman Electricity Transmission Company has invited companies to submit bids for the contract to build a grid station and overhead transmission line at Ibra, in northeastern Oman.

Contractors have until 3 June to submit prices for the tender. The work will involve constructing a new 132kV grid station at Ibra, and an associated overhead transmission line from the city of Mudhairib.

The project is part of the sultanate’s efforts to expand and upgrade its electricity network. In February, the local Mazoon Electricity Company received bids for three contracts to build substations in the Batinah governorate.

Eleven firms submitted bids for the first contract, which involves building a 33/11kV primary substation, and 33kV incoming and 11kV outgoing feeders in north Batinah. The local Civil Contracting Company submitted the lowest price of RO3.45m ($9m). The second-lowest price of RO3.48m was submitted by the local Rukun al-Yaqeen International.

The second contract is for a primary substation, and 33kV incoming and 11kV outgoing feeders in south Batinah. The electricity provider received bids from 13 contractors for the deal. The lowest price of RO2.1m was submitted by Rukun al-Yaqeen International. This was marginally lower than the RO2.2m bid submitted by the local Al-Jood Trading & Contracting. The local Bahwan Engineering submitted a price of RO2.4m.