On 14 July, after years of negotiations, the world’s leading powers reached an agreement with Tehran to lift international economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran in return for restrictions on Tehran’s nuclear power programme. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) starts the process of removing all major economic sanctions against Iran and will allow international companies to re-enter Iran and invest across its economic sectors.

The lifting of sanctions on Iran is one of the most significant changes to the regional business landscape ever seen in the region and it offers huge opportunities for Iranian and international businesses.

Opportunity Iran 2015 provides up-to-date and comprehensive assessment of the business landscape for regional and international companies, who want to understand the opportunities and risks of entering the Iranian market. The report provides a detailed overview of the Iranian market with data and analysis on government, economy, policies, infrastructure needs, client bodies, contractors, key contacts and project drivers and opportunities.

Opportunity Iran 2015 will enable you to:

  1. Formulate business strategies for entering and growing in the Iran market
  2. Access key data and understand the size of the opportunities
  3. Identify business opportunities and position yourself to win
  4. Obtain proprietary client and contractor rankings
  5. Understand the competitor landscape
  6. Identify challenges in the market to support risk mitigations

Packed with all the latest data, maps, charts, client and contractor details and MEED’s detailed on-the-ground research and insightful, forward-looking expert analysis, Opportunity Iran 2015 provides a powerful business resource that will support your company as you seek to enter the Iranian market.

Save time and investment on research and analysis. Gather exclusive data on the Iranian market through this in-depth examination.

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