Tenders are to be invited for civil works as part of the $2,000 million Ghazi Barotha hydroelectric project in early August. Consultants are evaluating prequalification documents submitted by almost 50 international and local contractors.

The project, capable of generating 1,450 MW, involves the construction of a barrage seven kilometres downstream of the Tarbela dam on the Indus river, to divert water into a channel leading to the generation complex. The channel will be 52 kilometres long and carry 1,600 cubic metres of water a second. The generation complex will comprise five 290-MW turbines. Three separate packages will be tendered for the civil works. In addition, 14 mechanical and electrical contracts will be tendered.

A total of 47 bidders submitted prequalification documents for the civil works packages. The documents are being evaluated by the local Pakistan Hydro Consultants, a joint venture between Harza Engineering Company International of the US, Ewbank Preece and Binnie & Partners, both of the UK and National Engineering Services Pakistan (Nespak) and Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE), both local.