Electricity tariffs have been increased on average by about 25 per cent with effect from December. Gas prices for domestic users have also gone up.

The Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has raised its electricity charges for domestic users by 8 per cent, and by nearly 30 per cent for industrial users. The move was approved by the government’s economic co- ordination committee on 7 November. WAPDA’s new tariffs are an attempt to combat the increasing costs of oil and gas used by its power stations. According to conditions laid down by the World Bank and the IMF, WAPDA is committed to raising up to 40 per cent of its revenues in order to receive the funds promised from the donor agencies.

The conditions also stipulate that gas prices are brought into line with the price of fuel oil. This resulted in the price of gas for residential consumers being raised by 4 per cent from 5 December. Gas used by industrial and commercial customers is already charged on a par with the price of fuel oil.