State-owned Petrochina has released a new tender for the provision of field automation and information systems services at the Halfaya oil field in the southeast of Iraq.

Bids are due on 30 March for the consultancy deal.

Petrochina, the developer of the Halfaya oil field currently operates the field’s First Commercial Production (FCP) facilities, producing 100,000 barrels a day (b/d). It also plans to build new facilities to lift production to a total of 600,000 b/d over a number of phases.

Phase two will increase production to 200,000 b/d with a new field surface facility, a second central processing facility, power plant, water injection plant and new oil and gas pipelines.

To optimize production, Petrochina has launched the Digital Oil Field Project (DOF) overt three stages, which include digital wellhead instrumentation, multi-port and multi-phase flow meter technologies, communication systems, production optimization systems, maintenance and operations information systems that provide well performance and asset information. The project is also intended to ensure future field capacity can be properly managed.

The Halfaya consortium includes Petrochina, Malaysia’s Petronas, France’s Total and state-owned Missan Oil Company.