The Saudi Refining & Petrochemical Company (PetroRabigh) has said that it is working on resuming power after an unexpected outage occurred on 23 October.

In a statement on the Saudi Arabian stock exchange, PetroRabigh said that the outage has affected most of its operations producing petrochemical products.  

“A sudden interruption of electrical power supplies occurred from the supplying company to PetroRabigh complex, which caused major electrical power interruptions to most of the complex units and temporarily affected the operations,” the statement said.

The Saudi Gazette reported that PetroRabigh has said the outage was not caused by the national utility company the Saudi Electricity Company, but was an internal issue with a subcontractor.  

Saudi Aramco and Japan’s Sumitomo Chemical each own 37.5 per cent of PetroRabigh with the remaining 25 per cent traded on the Saudi Arabian stock exchange.