Senior Israeli officials in late November and early December urged Powell not to meet with the accord’s authors. ‘I think he is making a mistake,’ Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told local radio on 2 December. ‘I think he is not helping the [peace] process – I think this is a wrong step by a representative of the American administration.’

Both Israeli and Palestinian Authority officials have said that the Geneva Accord detracts from the internationally-sponsored peace roadmap, despite claims that the Palestinians would gain more from the rival text. ‘The PA is encouraging the dialogue that led to this document,’ said Palestinian cabinet member Ghassan Khatib. ‘But, the PA cannot be committed to the content, because it differs from official positions.’ Israeli political adviser, Dore Gold said that the Palestinians are using the accord as a tool for manipulation. ‘[Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat] is encouraging opposition to the accord in order to prop himself up domestically, while at the same time signaling his blessing of the accord abroad,’ Gold said (MEED 1:12:03).