This report by MEED Insight looks at the key opportunities and prospects for this sector in a challenging and competitive environment.

The GCC Power generation and desalination sector is facing a record capacity building programme over the coming decade. MEED forecasts that more than $135bn will be required by 2019 if rising demand is to be met and old infrastructure is to be replaced.

In view of the growing role of private developers, the biggest challenge for utilities may well be not building the capacity but securing the feedstock to fuel it. For with new gas allocations at a premium is much of the region, the GCC is increasingly turning to alternative energy the report states. The region’s first coal-fired power plant could be commissioned in Oman in 2015 and will be followed two years later by its first nuclear power station in the UAE. 


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MEED Insight’s latest research report aims to provide a comprehensive review of the power and water generation sector in the GCC since 2005 and assess the outlook for one of the region’s most dynamic sectors up to 2019. In addition to providing in-depth analysis on supply and demand, projected investment levels, the increasing role of the private sector and the search for alternative energy, the report gives a country-by-country assessment of the power and desalination sectors. 

This report is a comprehensive update of MEED’s Power & Water in the GCC report, which was first published in March 2008.  It has been based on face-to-face interviews with key players in the sector and supported by proprietary data complied by MEED and MEED Projects. It has been written by MEED’s senior staff writer Karin Maree and Research Director Angus Hindley.

Benefit from access to detailed insight into:

  • Market characteristics, challenges and opportunities
  • Procurement strategies and the project finance market
  • Feedstock availability and the push for alternative energy
  • Data on the private developer and EPC contracting market

The Power & Desalination report will enable you to:

  • Spend less time and investment on research
  • Gain insight on current and future prospects for this dynamic sector
  • Access unrivalled data, research and analysis


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