Finland’s Poyry has been appointed to prepare a strategy for nuclear and renewable energy developments in Saudi Arabia.

The adviser will put together an operating model, outline short and long-term priorities and devise an action plan for King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (Kacare). The strategy will cover electricity generation along with plans for supervising the use of the technology.

It will also look at the decommissioning of nuclear power plants and the handling of radioactive waste.

Riyadh unveiled its plans to build the atomic and renewables city in April. The Kacare will be an independent legal entity and will be linked to the prime minister in terms of administration.

Its headquarters will be in Riyadh although it has been authorised to establish branches, offices and research centres elswehere in the kingdom.

Hashem bin Abdullah Yamani has been named president of the Kacare, Walid bin Hussein Abu al-Faraj will be vice-president of the city and Khaled Bin Muhammad al-Sulaiman has been named vice-president for renewable energy affairs.