Published by MEED Cost Indices (MCI), data used to develop this forecast has been exclusively sourced from more than 200 regional construction projects from a wide range of organizations.For Qatar, the index starts in 2012, and predicts the future trends for costs in and around Doha up until 2017.

Along with detailed analysis of the Qatar Construction Cost you will benefit from detailed insight into:

  • the outlook for construction costs in Qatar to 2017
  • construction risk mitigation and project planning
  • the current cement supply and forecast shortages

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“Over the last decade Qatar has accumulated unparalleled wealth as it began to produce and export liquefied natural gas from the vast North Dome gas field. In 2012 its gross domestic product per capita is expected to be well over $100,000. This is not the only reason behind a general sense of optimism in Doha. In December 2010, Qatar shot onto the world stage after being named host nation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. In early 2012, Qatar announced its intentions to submit a bid to the IOC to host the 2020 Olympic Games. With very little infrastructure in place, the government has embarked on a multibillion dollar infrastructure investment programme in order to fulfil its commitments and host these global events.” Says Emil Rademeyer, General Manager, MEED Cost Indices.

This latest report from MCI forecasts construction costs in Qatar and focuses on costs for the infrastructure and real estate sectors spread across the following sub-sectors: transport, social infrastructure, residential, commercial, education, leisure and entertainment, and retail.

The report will explain in detail how and why the index has been created, explain the need for such a tool, analyse the factors that have influenced the price movements over the past decade and look ahead to how these may affect the index in the future.

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