The Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI) is moving ahead with a large programme to build research and development facilities, as part of efforts to meet water conservation targets.

QEERI, part of Qatar Foundation, is pushing ahead with the research and development facilities to boost efforts to reduce desalinated water consumption and cost by 40 per cent, and increase water reuse by 30 per cent, MEED’s Qatar Projects 2014 conference was told by Said Mansour, research director, QEERI, on 19 March.

The facilities will form part of Qatar Foundation’s Research and Development Complex. Phase 1a of the complex, containing integrated science labs, are currently under construction and due for completion in June 2014.

The proposed phase 2b, translational science facility, is planned for completion in December 2016. Phase 2a, a mesoscale science lab, is also due for completion in December 2016. Mansour said that the projects would offer large work opportunities for contractors and technology providers, due to the size and technical specification of the proposed facilities.