Engineering companies must bring first-class skills to Qatar if they want to win contracts, Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning senior transportation engineer Saad Khodr told the MEED Qatar Transport 2011 Conference this morning.

“My advice is that if you want to come and work in Qatar, bring your A-team,” Khodr said.

Khodr said that a final decision is pending for the West Bay crossing that will connect the New Doha International airport with the West Bay area and the Pearl Qatar. He also said that approval has been given for the development of a comprehensive bike-network in and around Qatar.

Concept plans are being finalised for a bus rapid transit (BRT) system that will initially be applied to the Salwa road and might be then used in other key traffic corridors through Doha. The concept plan calls for a target existing road to be developed to take bus-only lanes and bike-ways.