The estimated $84.5 million scheme, which is financed by the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank, is being tendered in three packages. The first covers the supply, transport and delivery of a 78-kilometre onshore water transmission line. A contractor has been selected for the package, and an award will be made once approval has been given by IDB (MEED 19:10:01). The third package covers the supply, construction and installation of a complementary water supply system, including several water-pumping stations.

The Bandar Abbas-Qeshm pipeline will be the second link in the network, which will transport water from the Minab dam to Qeshm. The first, onshore pipeline will run for 78 kilometres between Minab and Bandar Abbas.

The consultant is the local Mahab Qods Consulting Engineers; the client is the local Hormozgan Regional Water Company.