Can the Gulf states overcome their political differences to become one of the most powerful economic blocs in the world, or are they doomed to fall at the first hurdle of currency union?

Is greater European integration the answer for the Arab states of the Mediterranean basin, or will other emerging markets such as sub-Saharan Africa, India and China prove more reliable trading partners?

Will US foreign policy be a force for stability or instability in the region, and what are the key priorities for the next US administration?

Is there any hope for security in Iraq, or the Israel-Palestinian peace process?

How can the energy-rich states of the Gulf wean their economies off oil and at the same time ensure there are sufficient jobs for their rapidly growing poulations?

And how do the myths that people hold about the Middle East prevent the region from fulfilling its potential?

For the following section, MEED invited leading commentators from inside the region and around the world to contribute their views.

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  1. Regional trends

  2. Imagine a new Gulf…

  3. Making the GCC work

  4. Preventing future Iraqs

  5. Weaning the Middle East off oil

  6. China, Europe and Russia are joining the MEED club

  7. The top 10 myths about the Middle East