The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has delivered $541.6 million and the UK has pledged a total of $329 million, of which nearly $180 million has been provided.

Japan and Australia, both members of the US-led coalition, have committed $100 million each. Australia has pledged $32 million to UN agencies, while the rest is to be allocated to Iraq reconstruction. Japan has delivered $32 million so far, Zakheim said.

Other countries committing aid identified by Zakheim include Canada, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. The EU has pledged $107 million and delivered $3.2 million. Aid in kind is being provided by Jordan, which has delivered a field hospital to Baghdad, and Poland, which has promised to deliver a field hospital. The UAE is shipping a water purification unit with capacity of 220,000 gallons a day of potable water, which is due to arrive in Iraq by the end of April. Romania is sending 18 tonnes of water, food and medicine.

Zakheim said that a total of $400 million in cash, goods and services had been delivered in response to the UN flash appeal for $2,200 million issued on 28 March.