Rumaih al-Rumaih

Company: Saudi Railways Company (SAR)
Position: Chief executive officer

Biography: Rumaih al-Rumaih has a doctorate in electrical engineering from University of Colorado in the US and a master’s of business administration in finance from the UK’s University of Leicester.After graduation, he worked in teaching and research for several years.

Al-Rumaih joined SAR in July 2008 as a deputy chief executive officer for operations. The SAR is developing the North-South minerals railway. The first phase of the scheme is on track to start operations by the end of 2010. It will be used to transport phosphate from mines at Al-Jelamaid, bauxite from Zubairah and agricultural produce from Al-Basayta to processors in Ras al-Zour near the port city of Jubail.

In July, companies submitted prequalification documents for the construction of six passenger stations, six mosques as well as to build the company headquarters in Riyadh.

Contact: (+966) 1 250 1111
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