– ‘end the regime of Saddam Hussein by striking with force on a scope and scale that makes clear to Iraqis that he and his regime are finished’

– ‘ identify, isolate and eventually eliminate Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, their delivery systems, production capabilities, and distribution networks’

– ‘search for, capture, drive out terrorists who have found safe harbour in Iraq’

– ‘collect such intelligence as we can find related to terrorist networks in Iraq and beyond’

– ‘collect such intelligence as we can find related to the global network of illicit weapons of mass destruction activity’

– ‘end sanctions and to immediately deliver humanitarian relief, food and medicine to the displaced and to the many needy Iraqi citizens’

– ‘secure Iraq’s oilfields and resources, which belong to the Iraqi people, and which they will need to develop their country after decades of neglect by the Iraqi regime’

– ‘help the Iraqi people create the conditions for a rapid transition to a representative self-government that is not a threat to its neighbours and is committed to ensuring the territorial integrity of the country’