The UN said on 29 October that an $80 million contract for the supply of two gas turbines for the Dibis power station in northern Iraq has been approved by the UN secretariat. The contract was originally awarded in December 2000. Final approval came after the supplier had provided details to ensure that none of the materials were on the goods review list, set up under resolution 1409.

The UN has not disclosed the identity of the supplier or its country of origin. However, industry sources say the contractor is a Russian company. The Dibis plant will produce power for the northern governorates of Irbil and Suleimaniyeh.

Russian companies have also announced the award of a contract to supply equipment for the four-by-64-MW hydroelectric plant at the Makkul dam. The contract, valued at Eur 77 million ($75 million), was awarded to the Siloviye Mashinyconsortium, according to a 17 October report in the Moscow daily Pravda. Rival bidders included China’s Dongfanand France’s Alstom. The client is the General Company for Electric Projects.

Another Russian firm – Technopromexport– has been working since early 2000 on a $419 million contract to rehabilitate the 1,400-MW Al-Shamil power station in Baghdad (MEED 14:1:00).