Lebanon’s newly appointed President Michel Aoun has asked Saad Hariri to form a government as the country’s new prime minister.

Hariri was endorsed by 110 members of the 127-seat parliament on 3 November, with only Hezbollah, the Syrian Social National Party and the Lebanese Baath party – all supporters of Syria’s government – declining to back him as premier.

Hariri’s appointment was prompted by his endorsement of Aoun for president, which ended Lebanon’s two-and-a-half year period without a prime minister.

Aoun became Lebanon’s new president following a parliamentary vote on 31 October. Lebanon had been without a president since Michel Suleiman’s term ended in May 2014.

The move is seen as a major blow for Saudi influence in Lebanon, following years of political and economic support from the kingdom for Hariri and his party.

Riyadh has been a historic supporter of Saad Hariri, following strong relations with his father and former prime minister Rafiq Hariri in a post-civil war Lebanon.