Scientific Design is a leading process licensor, offering technology for a range of products including ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol and maleic anhydride. Both Sabic and Sued Chemie said that the acquisition would enhance their core activities. ‘Sued Chemie, which specialises in the development and production of high performance catalysts, will be adding extremely attractive market segments to its product portfolio,’ a joint statement said. ‘The joint venture will enable Sabic. to strengthen its technological position in one of its key areas of activity.’

Sabic has been placing increased emphasis on the acquisition and development of technology over the past three years, as it looks to become a truly global petrochemical company. Sabic Research & Technology (R&T)announced in 2001 the development of a new acetic acid technology, which is being installed on a semi-commercial plant in Yanbu. In joint venture with Linde, the R&T unit has also developed a new alpha olefins process, for which its first application will be the Jubail United Petrochemical Company (JUPC)complex (see page 13).