Saudi Arabia’s Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) has invited contractors to prequalify for the construction of a water transmission system to link the planned Ras al-Zour desalination plant to Hafr al-Batin, 480 kilometres north of Riyadh.

The deadline for submitting prequalification documents for the project, comprising a pipeline and pumping station, is 4 May.

The pipeline will have capacity of 160,000 cubic metres a day of water. It will have two different diameters for different sections. It will run for 83.4 kilometres at a diameter of 1.3m, connecting a pumping station at Ras al-Zour to Al-Khafji. It will then narrow to 1.1m until it reaches a reservoir at Hafr al-Batin.

The winning contractor will also build a pumping station at Ras al-Zour with capacity of 1.85 cubic metres a second.  

SWCC is also seeking prequalification applications by 18 May involving the supply of steel pipes for the project.