South Korea’s Samsung SDS has won a KD126m ($434m) deal to install an integrated security system for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) covering the country’s major oilfields, facilities and offices.

According to KOC, the scheme initially covers approximately 90 sites, with closed-circuit television cameras, alarms and access controls, networked and controlled by central security command software.

The facilities will be located in a new building for the KOC Security Organisation, with a centre in each of the north, west, south and east oilfield areas and the Ahmadi area, allowing remote monitoring of any camera or access control within the area. The system is likely to employ some 1,500 digital cameras and 60 networked digital video recorders.

KOC issued the tender in 2007.

The state oil company is responsible for the exploration, drilling, and production of oil and gas from more than 12 developed oil fields in Kuwait. It is also involved in the storage of crude oil and delivery to tankers for export.

KOC’s headquarters in Ahmadi is some 112 kilometres from the North field, 60km from the West field and 20km from the South East field.

On 29 March, Kuwait’s Interior Ministry issued a tender for the design, construction and maintenance of two new security buildings at the Umm Qasr and Al-Abraq border areas. The bid deadline was set for 2 May. (MEED 29:3:10).