The local Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) has invited contractors to prequalify for the main construction package on the estimated $7bn-8bn Riyadh metro project.

Contractors have until 20 June to submit prequalification entries for the design-and-build contracts, which will include the supply of rolling stock.

The metro project is part of Riyadh’s Public Transport Project (PTP) plan that was approved by the Council of Ministers on 23 April. The plan has been prepared by the High Authority for the development of the city of Riyadh.

Beirut-based Dar al-Handasah and France’s Egis Rail have worked on preliminary designs for the metro project.

The metro network will have a number of lines. One of these is likely to run 25-kilometres from the northern to the southern ring road. The second line would be about 14km long, extending from east to west across Riyadh. The north to south line would contain about 25 stations, and the east to west would contain about 11 stations.

The metro is part of Riyadh’s plans to upgrade its transport infrastructure to cope with its rapidly growing population. The city’s existing population of 5.3 million is expected to top 8.3 million by 2025.