Regulation of Electricity Services Regulations Authority

First article

The authority shall be based in the city of Riyadh and may establish branches and offices inside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The supreme power of the authority shall be vested in the board. The board shall supervise the administration, follow up the issues and set up the general plans for the authority. The board shall follow up the implementation of the regulations and instructions pertinent to the general policies for the electricity sector and the approved plans for the sector. The board’s powers shall include all the powers related to the authority’s functions provided for in the third article of this regulation. Such powers shall include but are not limited to:

Sixth article

The minutes and resolutions of the board shall be recorded in records to be signed by the chairman and the attending members. The resolutions that the board considers necessary to be declared to service providers or to consumers shall be published in the official gazette. The authority shall seek suitable procedures in communicating board resolutions to the relevant entities.