Saudi Arabia’s Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) has issued two requests for qualification for pipeline projects to run from the Ras al-Zour project.

The first tender is for the supply of a pipeline to transport water from the new desalination project to Hafar al-Batin and will have a capacity of 160,000 cubic metres per day.

The project will comprise one hydraulic main pipeline, which will have a length of 352.1 kilometres.   

The main pipeline will start at Ras al-Zour and will have a diameter of 1,300 milimetres, running for 83.4km, to be followed by a pipeline with diameter of 1,100 milimetres to take the water to the reservoir at Hafar al-Batin.

The selected supplier will also build a pumping station, which will have a discharge of 1.8518 metres per second.

The second tender is for the instalation of the pipeline. Contractors with experience installing a minimum of two projects within the past 10 years have been asked to submit prequalification documents.