Saudi Aramco has received bids from five companies on two contracts to install facilities at its offshore fields, according to sources close to the bidding process.

Contractors submitted proposals to the Saudi state-owned oil producer earlier in February for the two projects that involve the installation of jackets at oil fields including Marjan.

The two contracts include the installation of nine jackets and 10 jackets respectively. Jackets are the steel frame supporting the deck and the topsides in a fixed offshore platform.

All five companies are part of Aramco’s Long-Term Agreement (LTA) programme to upgrade the kingdom’s offshore oil and gas facilities.

The LTA deal was initially signed in 2015 with four international EPC contractors including the US’ Dynamic Industries, a joint venture of India’s Larsen & Toubro, and Singapore’s Emas, McDermott and Italy’s Saipem. UAE-based National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) became the fifth LTA contractor on 13 October 2016.

The two contracts are expected to be awarded in the next two months.

“Aramco is likely to award both contracts to the same company as they have very similar scopes,” an industry source told MEED.

The LTA gives five international contractors exclusive rights to bid for several oil and gas producing platforms, tie-in platforms, pipelines, power cables and related facilities under Aramco’s masterplan for its offshore fields.

Aramco has already awarded several contracts as part of the LTA over the last two years. The group in January awarded a new contract to McDermott, while both Dynamic Industries and NPCC recently picked up their first deals under the LTA.