Despite the increased violence in the kingdom in recent weeks, Saudi officials remain defiant. ‘There is no crime more heinous than this – Let everyone inside and outside Saudi Arabia know that this country will not be shaken,’ Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef said on 9 November. On 8 November, hours before the Muhayya compound attack, US officials in Riyadh said that they knew of a plot against foreign, probably Western, targets in the kingdom, which prompted the closure of the US embassy and its consulates in the kingdom. ‘There was intelligence suggesting that operational activity was moving ahead,’ said a US official. ‘I don’t think it was specific to one location, but that something was afoot in the area.’ Riyadh has been fighting a high-profile war against domestic militants after co-ordinated bomb attacks against residential compounds in Riyadh on 12 May, which resulted in the death of more than 30 people (MEED 3:11:03).