Saudi Arabia’s Urban and Rural Affairs Ministry has awarded contracts worth an estimated SR776m ($206m) for 19 separate projects throughout the kingdom. The contract awards took place in mid-July and represent the ministry’s largest spending spree so far this year.

The kingdom’s Eastern Province was the biggest beneficiary of the ministry’s assistance with contracts awarded worth more than SR322m for four water projects.

Riyadh received SR300m to fund 11 projects across several sectors. The Medina municipality was awarded an estimated SR107m for three contracts while Jeddah had one contract awarded worth around SR47m.

The complete list of awards includes the following:

Contract Province Value (in SR) Contract duration
Storm water drainage, Phase 5 (part I) Eastern 61,427,000 1.5 years
Storm water drainage, Phase 5 (part II) Eastern 38,531,000 1.5 years
King Abdullah Community Centre Eastern 172,813,000 1.5 years
Waste collection & disposal Al-Ahsa 49,935,000 4 years
Construction of Hayer Park Riyadh 9,500,000 unspecified
Sidewalks surrounding King Khaled Hospital Riyadh 20,000,000 unspecified
Construction of municipal gardens Riyadh 24,900,000 unspecified
Abdul Aziz Road improvement project Riyadh 63,371,000 unspecified
Provision of asphalt mixture Riyadh 20,000,000 unspecified
Provision of petroleum products Riyadh 24,955,000 unspecified
Provision of computer systems Riyadh 37,395,000 unspecified
Technical & administrative work Riyadh 7,992,000 unspecified
Construction of asphalt streets Riyadh 25,414,000 unspecified
Environmental improvement Riyadh 41,969,000 unspecified
Cleaning & maintenence Riyadh 23,807,000 unspecified
Construction of tunnel on Abu Bakr Street Medina 38,468,000 2 years
Provision of asphalt and lighting equipment Medina 37,000,000 3 years
Project management Medina 31,744,000 3 years
Maintenence of streets Jeddah 47,000,000 3 years
Source: Urban & Rural Affairs Ministry

The Saudi government is also planning to award at least $600m in contracts in the coming weeks.

Saudi Arabia Mining Company (Maaden) plans to award in August an estimated $450m housing contract at the Ras Al-Zour Industrial Complex in the Eastern Province (MEED 1:7:10).

Also in August, the Saudi Higher Education Ministry plans to award an estimated $150m contract to design and build a new hospital at Najran University in Najran Province.