Technical bids are already under evaluation for the expansion of Tabuk power plant by two 60-MW turbines, while bid deadlines have been set for the 50-60-MW expansion of Rafha and the 100-120-MW expansion of Arar. In Jeddah, about 10 companies have been prequalified for the estimated $200 million, 480-MW expansion of the PP3 power plant.

Four companies bid for the expansion at Tabuk. They were Al-Toukhi Contracting, National Contractors Company (NCC)and Arabian Bemco Contracting– a subsidiary of Saudi Binladin Group, all local, and Athens-based Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC). Technical bids are under study and financial bids are to be opened by the end of November.

Bids are to be submitted by 9 November for the expansion at Rafha. Six mainly local companies were prequalified for the project, which includes the installation of two 25-30-MW gas turbines, with the provision to install another, and the construction of a 33-kV substation.

The Arar expansion will involve the addition of four 25-30-MW combustion gas turbines burning distillate fuel oil to the existing capacity of six 17-MW units. The scope of works will also include the interconnection of Arar with the Al-Jouf power system, by installing 132-kV substations at Arar and Markaz Zallum.

The largest of the projects on the table is the $200 million expansion of Jeddah’s PP3 power plant. A tender is to be launched in late November and about 10 local and international contractors have been prequalified. SEC aims to make an award by the end of April 2003.

Another two SEC generation projects are under study – the expansion of Riyadh’s PP9 and the next phase of the existing Shouaiba plant, which is likely to be tendered in 2003.