Build two hotels in Ras Abu Soma

Contractor: Kajima Corporation (Japan)

Value: $40 million

MEED 27:1:95

Expansion of Dikheila port

Contractor: Arab Contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman & Company – Egypt)

Value: $34 million

MEED 24:2:95

Excavation of foundations for Alexandria library project

Contractor: Rodio (Italy)

Value: $55 million

MEED 24:3:95

Construction of a specialist hospital

Contractor: Bovis International (UK) and Lehrer McGovern Bovis (US)

Value: $29.2 million

MEED 4:8:95


Build a civilian airport in Gaza

Contractor: Arab Contractors Company (local)

Value: $16 million

MEED 9:6:95


Completing construction of a nuclear powerplant

Contractor: Russian Atomic Ministry (Minatom)

Value: $800 million

MEED 20:1:95

Civil works on Godar-e-Landar dam

Contractor: Daelim Industrial Company (South Korea)

Value: $463 million

MEED 28:4:95

Construction of the Tehran underground rail network Contractor: Chinese North Industries Corporation, China National Technology Import & Export Corporation and China International Trust & Investment Corporation

Value: $573 million

MEED 2:6:95

Build a power plant at Arak

Contractor: Chinese

Value: $264 million

MEED 16:6:95


Expand Aqaba thermal power station

Contractor: ABB Asea Brown Boveri (Zurich-based)

Value: $145 million

MEED 2:6:95


New marine export facilities

Contractor: National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC – UAE)

Value: $49.9 million

MEED 3:3:95

Supply of one 132/11-kV substation and the repair of second

Contractor: Transelektro (Hungary)

Value: $51.5 million

MEED 5:5:95

Supply and install a 132/11-kV substation at Shuaiba petrochemical complex

Contractor: Cogelex (France)

Value: $93.7 million

MEED 12:5:95

Supply and install three 132/11-kV substations at Rawdatain B, and Managish A and B oil fields

Contractor: AEG and ABB Asea Brown Boveri

Value: $128-132 million

MEED 4:8:95

Provide and install substations at the Managish A and B fields

Contractor: AEG (Germany)

Value: $83.8 million

MEED 25:8:95


Building two power stations

Contractor: Ansaldo Energia (Italy) and Siemens (Germany)

Value: $536 million

MEED 20:1:95

Supply four 33.5-MW turbine generators

Contractor: European Gas Turbines (EGT – UK/France)

Value: $60 million

MEED 26:5:95

Rehabilitate and modernise drinking water network outside Beirut

Contractor: Omnium & Traitment & de Valorisation

Value: $32 million

MEED 14:7:95


Build a pipeline as part of the Murzuq field development

Contractor: Joannou & Paraskevaides (J&P – Overseas)

Value: $80 million

MEED 25:8:95


Rabat to Fes motorway,Section 3B

Contractor: Sistemi Ingegneria, Fioroni, Pavimental, Itinera Construzioni Generali and Codelfa (all Italy)

Value: $55.3 million

MEED 16:6:95

Build low-cost housing in Sale Contractor: Bouygues (France) and Bymaro (local)

Value: $288 million

MEED 21:7:95


Building a mosque in Seeb

Contractor: Wimpey Alawi (Oman/UK)

Value: $46 million

MEED 20:1:95

Expand Rusail cement plant

Contractor: Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries (IHI – Japan)

Value: $103 million

MEED 28:7:95

Design and supervise the construction of a flour mill near Salalah

Contractor: Mott MacDonald (UK)

Value: 20.8 million

MEED 4:8:95


Build power plants

Contractor: Consolidated Electric Power Asia (CEPA – Hong Kong)

Value: $1,600 million

MEED 25:8:95


Expanding capacity at Qatar National Cement Company (QNCC)

Contractor: Fives-Cail Babcock (FCB – France)

Value: $127 million

MEED 27:1:95

Gas pipeline for Ras Abu Fontas B power and desalination plant

Contractor: Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC – Athens- based)

Value: $25 million

MEED 5:5:95


Building a sanitaryware manufacturing plant

Contractor: Technipetrol (Italy)

Value: $40 million

MEED 12:5:95

Substation in Riyadh

Contractor: Reyrolle (UK)

Value: $320 million

MEED 16:6:95

Development of the Shayba oilfield

Contractor: The Ralph M Parsons Company

Value: $2,500 million

MEED 7:7:95

Expand Hafr al-Batin airport

Contractor: Almabani General Contractors (local)

Value: $42.5 million

MEED 14:7:95

Build a 21-storey apartment block and shopping mall in Medina

Contractor: Saudi Construction Establishment (SCE)

Value: $53.3 million

MEED 14:7:95

Construct a pharmaceutical plant

Contractor: Taylor Woodrow International (UK)

Value: $26.7 million

MEED 11:8:95

Expand Medina power station

Contractor: Saudi American General Company Electric (Samge)

Value: $57.1 million

MEED 25:8:95

Supply and install gas insulated switchgear at Faisalia substation

Contractor: Hitachi Corporation (Japan)

Value: $77.3 million

MEED 25:8:95


Installation of back-pressure turbines

Contractor: Ansalso Energia (Italy)

Value: $131.2 million

MEED 24:2:95

Expand Dubai World Trade Centre

Contractor: Al-Futtain Wimpey (UAE/UK)

Value: $22 million

MEED 24:3:95

EPC contract for substation work

Contractor: Bahwan Engineering Company (BEC – Oman)

Value: $43.7 million

MEED 7:4:95

Construction of a multi-purpose tower block on Dubai creek

Contractor: Al-Naboodah Laing (UAE/UK)

Value: $55.7 million

MEED 5:5:95

Build commercial and residential buildings next to Etisalat headquarters in Abu Dhabi

Contractor: Arabian Construction Company

Value: $65 million

MEED 30:6:95

Build new headquarters for Onshore Oil Operations (Adco)

Contractor: Laing Abu Dhabi (local/UK)

Value: $37.3 million

MEED 4:8:95