Two major wastewater projects in the cities of Hamadan and Yazd are out to bid. The Hamadan work entails the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant and a massive pipejacking project. The proposed Yazd expansion involves the construction of a new wastewater plant.

Bids for the Hamadan pipejacking work, expected to be worth more than $100 million, are now under evaluation. Bidders, which include local and foreign joint ventures, say a price opening is expected in late November. The wastewater plant is still at the prequalification stage and a tender is not expected until later this year.

Bids for phase 2 of the Yazd wastewater treatment plant project are due on 14 November. Yazd now has capacity to treat wastewater for only 75,000 people at a rate of 213 litres a day each. Under the proposed plan, that will be expanded to cover a further 150,000 people at the same rate. The plant is due to come on stream within the next three years.

Under the government’s proposed fourth five-year development plan for 2005-10, at least 2 per cent of annual state investment must be allocated to improving water resources.