This report summarises the solar potential in the Middle East, with a particular focus on Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the UAE. Recent years have seen increased interest in the sector as declining capital costs makes solar power generation more cost effective.

The regional governments have invested in the development of regulation to further support the sector, highlighting their commitment to developing domestic solar capacity. However, challenges exist in the market, preventing accelerated adoption at the utility and commercial levels.


What to expect in the report for each country:

  1. Overview
  2. Solar Potential
  3. Renewable Energy Regulation
  4. Government Programmes and Incentives
  5. Current and Future Projects
  6. Rooftop Solar
  7. Key Contacts

What our experts say:

“The declining cost trend together with the shortage of gas feedstock and the increasing amount of liquid fuel utilisation combine to make accelerated growth of the solar market in the region a near certainty”


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