With the series of inaugurations in the past few months, the pipeline of projects is now coming to a close. As the newly completed plants ramp up production, the government will see the benefit of 20 years-worth of continued investment into heavy industry.

The solid revenue stream generated by its industrialisation programme will enable Doha to pursue its other strategic priorities more aggressively. As the increased acquisition activity of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund in May shows, the Qatar Investment Authority is likely to be a key beneficiary of the funds, so too the Qatar Foundation, which is playing a leading role in laying the foundations for the development of a knowledge economy.

With the natural pause in industrial development brought about by the moratorium on further development of the North Field, the projects focus will now shift to infrastructure development. Doha is planning a series of schemes, including an integrated transportation network and a causeway to Bahrain. It will be the successful completion of these projects that will write the next chapter in Qatar’s history.