The company had previously announced that bids for the project were to be submitted by 18 September.

“Our consultant is preparing the tender,” says a source at IPDC. “The tenders will be issued in the next Iranian month.”

The next Iranian month, Aban, starts on 22 October and runs to 20 November.

The scheme involves building seven plants in the cities of Zanjan, Urmia and Semnan in the north, Islam-Abade Gharb and Mahshahr in the west and Hormozgan province and Iranshahr in the south. The successful bidder will finance, engineer, procure and construct the plants.

Under the engineering, procurement and construction contract, the winning bidder will install a total of 20 gas turbines across the seven plants, with capacity of 159MW each.

The local Ghods-Niroo Engineering Company is the consultant on the project (MEED 29:8:08).