Six local and international contractors have prequalified for the tender. It covers all civil and structural works associated with the project. A separate contract covering mechanical, electrical, plumbing and finishing works will be issued in the future (MEED 8:2:09).

Known as the Majlis Oman Project, the contract will cover four main elements.

The Majlis Oman features the parliament assembly hall and the upper and lower houses. The Majlis A’Ddawla will accommodate 150 members of the upper house and its administrative wing.

Majlis A’Shura will hold 150 members of the lower house and its administrative wing. The fourth component is the common facilities including committee rooms, a library, lecture halls and dining facilities.

The overall project will cover 101,000 square metres. The project will take four years to complete, and will be carried out in two phases of three years and one year.

UK-based Atkins is the consultant.