Thamir al-Uqaili

Position: Independent consultant

Biography: Thamir al-Uqaili is a senior associate of the Centre for Global Energy Studies in London.

He graduated from Imperial College London, in 1962, before joining the Iraq Petroleum Company in 1963 and then the Basra Petroleum Company. He obtained a master’s degree in water resources technology from the University of Birmingham in 1970 and a doctorate in petroleum engineering in 1974 from Imperial College London.

Al-Uqaili joined Iraq National Oil Company in 1975 as head of petroleum engineering in Basra and later worked for North Oil Company in Kirkuk, before becoming general manager of Central Petroleum Organisation in 1980. From 1983-86, he was general manager of planning in the oil ministry.

In 1990, Al-Uqaili founded the Iraq Drilling Company. He left in 1992 to join Spain’s Repsol, later joining US oil services company Baker Hughes as business development manager for Iraq and the Middle East.

Contact: (+44) (0)20 7235 4334