The Middle East and North Africa is currently one of the world’s fastest growing markets for rail. According to detailed plans set out by both governments and rail operators, the region’s mainline rail network is set to almost double in size over the coming decades, while metro, tram and monorail track lengths will increase tenfold. The latest report by MEED Insight demonstrates what governments across the region are investing in and why.

The Mena Rail Report 2011 comprises an abundance of data and analysis that will assist all those seeking to capitalise on the opportunities emerging in the growing rail markets.

With an in-depth review of rail projects across the Middle East, North Africa and the Levant, this Mena Rail report lays out the strategies behind more than $250bn of planned investment in the regional rail sector together with key project details and client contact information.


In addition to insight on the most comprehensive plans for mainline rail services in the region, this extensive Mena Rail report 2011 also provides: 

  • Essential insight into 21 markets across North Africa, the Levant and the Gulf
  • Insight into high-speed intercity, inner-city, metro and tram passenger services and projects 
  • An overview of key projects being developed for improving freight transport
  • An understanding of the challenges involved with building rail lines deep in the desert
  • Essential contact information for the principal clients
  • Data on the economy, future development plans and much more…

This report is essential for all those seeking to capitalise on the opportunities emerging in one of theworld’s fastest growing markets. ORDER YOUR COPY HERE

About MEED Insight:

Thanks to its own projects tracker, MEED Projects, MEED Insight has access to unparalleled, up-to-date information on the region’s projects market. We can provide companies with:

  • Details of all major projects within a given market or sector, including their scope
  • Contacts for clients, contractors and suppliers
  • Information on key clients and their tendering processes
  • Information on how to register with clients and prequalify for projects
  • Forecasting of future projects

Data analysis
MEED Insight has access to a wealth of regional data ranging from broad macroeconomic statistics to sector-specific information. We can obtain and analyse data on a specific market or industry to help companies gain an insight on market size and potential

Off-the-shelf reports

MEED Insight also offers a series of off-the-shelf reports on a range of different sectors and industries. The information compiled for these reports comes from a variety of sources, including MEED magazine,, MEED Events and MEED Projects, as well as primary and secondary research.

Our current off-the-shelf reports include:

  • Qatar Projects Report 2011-22
  • The Iraq Power Report 2011
  • GCC ICT Projects Outlook & Review
  • GCC Projects Forecast & Review 2010
  • Power & Water in the GCC 2010
  • Libya Power & Desalination
  • Middle East Steel 2009
  • Wastewater in the GCC
  • Middle East Cement 2009
  • MENA Mining 2009
  • MENA Aluminium 2009
  • GCC District Cooling
  • GCC Economic Outlook

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